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What is Telegram?

Telegram is a safe software that provides our customers a safe way to communicate. Most users are business owners or Bitcoin (Links to an external site.) users. Telegram offers a best layer of security to communicate with any person watching your communication channel. Telegram is a popular safe communication to offer you hundred secure chats, and telegram channels and telegram groups. So keep your communication safe on the internet. We are providing real targeted Telegram (Links to an external site.) members to our customers for last 5 years. The main aim of our team is to provide our customers real members so that they have real fan following that will last forever. We do not use any bots. We market your account through Gender, Keywords, country and internet. Your members will have their own fan following, bios, images, and are active on telegram.

free telegram view (Links to an external site.)

Improve the popularity of your Telegram channel. This social proofs get more people to join your channel and supports increase your Telegram member quicker. Increase your organic telegram group subscribers by twenty percent on top of paid telegram members because many people judge a channel by member of Telegram member it has. Highlight you as an Telegram influencer to attract sponsored posts, investment money and business leads. 88 percent of all ICOs use telegram channel to interact with their communities with the power of the ICO communities and their status being measured by how many telegram members they have. Many of these ICOs live and die by the Telegram member count. No investors wants ICOs with only a few Telegram members.

Is it safe to buy telegram members for my group or channel?

Yes, it is secure to buy telegram members for your group or channel, we provide secure and safe technique to provide you best or fake quality for your telegram channel or telegram group. We provide a promise of the minimal telegram members you bought from us. So you will forever get your order amount. So you can safely and view your telegram members coming in! 100% confidential We comprehended the respect and necessity your privacy. We do not reveal any detail of our customers. The testimonial on our site are solely published by taking prior permission of our customers.

Customer satisfaction

We are here to improve your internet presence on Telegram. Our main aim is to promote you and your brand. We would return your money back if in any case you are not relaxed with our services.


3 ways for attracting targeted members to your free Telegram members (Links to an external site.)

Attracting targeted members to your Telegram group is not easy. In this article we will describe 3 ways by which you will be able to attract real targeted members to your Telegram group.


Buy targeted Telegram members


Another way for bringing targeted members is targeting a competitors group and starting to bring real and active members from that group to your own. our experts at this service will manage to do that. Buy Targeted Telegram Members Now


Advertising in popular Telegram groups/channels.

So many popular Telegram channel or groups make money by advertising content in their daily posts. By targeting the right group or channel for advertisement, you will be ale to attract targeted members who are actually joining your group or channel on their own will. A few gifts for a good advertisement posts could be designing a good banner, writing and impressive caption and also advertising in a niche-related channel or group


Submitting your group or channel in Telegram index website

There are websites out there that collect and categorize Telegram group and channels so they will be easy to find for people. Here we list a number of them for you to submit your channel or group in them.

Telegram Groups List (

Telegram Groups List (

Telegram Groups List (


free telegram members (Links to an external site.)

We provide real and targeted members on telegram. All the members will be real. We will provide your telegram group on our own network and get your users that will engage with you.


Telegram is a messaging app that is secure and dynamic. Simple to download, easy to use, free in cost, and fast in results, are the important specs of this remarkable application. The app provides its users multiple reasons as to why they should use it. The telegram members in your group are clear proof of the prominence and adaptability in your group and with the scope to make it as big as 200000 members, you have got an amazing chance to enhance your group’s presence.


Anyway , if you do not have a group as big as that, then you can actually buy real telegram group members from the dealers who provide such service. To buy real members, you need to carry on a detailed research in the market, so that you end up making a deal that gives you the services that are worth your money.

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Is to safe to buy telegram group members? Our professionals grow your engagement by showing and exchanging engagement with real uses in our network - you do not have to hesitate about Telegram penalizing your account. These techniques do not violate any terms of service, and we do not need your login credentials. We will never jeopardize your account, we will never expose who you are, our business is treated with absolute security and confidentiality. Why us? Are you looking for members for telegram group, but want to sacrifice as little money and time as possible? With us you can buy targeted members very fast and cheap. Because we know how long the growth can be at Telegram and are looking forward to quick up the process for you. We provide members that are true human beings. This brings agile outcomes to the groups, and your money gets returns that are honest and real.


Our services are flexible, so not every customer is bound to purchase the same package. We provide the customized facilities in our services. We keep at rack of our clients. The link that we share with our customers is not just limited to the time we end up selling our services. We keep on taking follow-ups from our clients, and this bring for us the feedback for improvements. We try to improve our sales, and that is through selling genuine services.


telegram targeted ico members

Telegram Tips For iCO


The ICO community loves Telegram, it has become the go-to talk channel for upcoming ICO communities. Before using Telegram as a tool for ICO marketing, you need to read these tips we have gathered from our experience working with ICOs and pioneering creative Telegram marketing services. Tips are also relevant for trading signal groups, ICO-trading groups, and just about anyone to run a flourishing community on Telegram.


People do not like reading Most Telegram users have joined a lot of groups, this means there is a continue barrage of messages that people just do not have the time to read. Which is why it is vital to repeat vital messages, alerts or news many times in a Telegram ICO group to ensure it reach as much of your audience as possible, especially new members that may have missed vital messages from before.


Monthly/weekly quizzes Quizzes or any activity that can be rewarded and produces engagement is a must for marketing a Telegram ICO group. If users are not engaged by the content or talk being shared in a group, nothing is stopping them from leaving. Putting a pretty effort into making quizzes for your audience helps maintain a highly engaged community.


Always keep your community updated Telegram is a discussion channel, therefore use it as such. Interviews, conferences, technology updates, blogger reviews, all these things begin talks and bring valuable feedback from the community, so ensure you do not miss a chance to share with your community.


Using Telegram bots for airdrops and bounty is a must There are so many jobs involved in marketing an ICO, so why not save time wherever you can? Telegram bots can save huge amount of your admits time. Some of the tasks these bots can automate contain: Following up with bounty participants on continue tasks Registering bounty participants Assigning bounty tasks mechanically Collecting finished tasks through files in chat Begging your Telegram group audience Sad but true, it happens. Some ICOs have been famous to private message their Telegram members asking them to invest. This will not bring outcomes. It looks pathetic and reduces the worth of your project in the eyes of investors - never ask your admins to do it.


These tips should turn a mediocre ICO telegram group members into a very engaged Telegram community, believe us, your users will become very loyal if you take the important steps to engage - interact - update and feedback.


How to boost your telegram group in 30 days!

In this article we will give you some hints on growing your Telegram group.


Always have an admin online in your group


Having an admin always online in your telegram group is an important factor in maintaining a vivid and successful group. Because the admins are there to welcome and guide new members, answer members' questions and also to lead the conversations going on the group. Also the admin will monitor the group for any irrelevant, spammy, adult content posted in the group and will take action immediately.


Use anti-link and anti-spam bots


If admins can not be online all the time to mange and monitor the group, it's a good idea to develop or ask someone to develop an admin bot for you. The bot can have features like welcoming new members, deleting links, deleting irrelevant medias.


Grow your group by advertising or buying members


Real organic growth in a Telegram group could take almost months or years to happen so you could boost this process by asking other channel's or group's admins to charge you and instead, advertise your group in their own! Another way is to buy telegram members for your group. The members can be offline/fake just to make the group look bigger and to attract new comers or they could be real targeted to bring engagement to the group.


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