1z0-1065-23 Oracle Procurement Cloud 2023 Implementation Professional

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About Oracle 1z0-1065-23 Exam Details

1 Vendor: Oracle

2 Cert Name: Oracle Procurement Cloud 2023 Implementation Professional

3 Exam Code: 1z0-1065-23

4 Exam Name: Oracle Procurement Cloud 2023 Implementation Professional

5 Exam Language: English

6 Exam Format: MCQs


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Questions and Answers Demo

Question #:1


A root cause analysis reveals that a web application outage was caused by one of the company’s developers uploading a newer version of the third-party libraries that were shared among several applications. Which of the following implementations would be BEST to prevent the issue from reoccurring?


  1. CASB


  1. SWG


  1. Containerization


  1. Automated failover


Answer: C



Question #:2


A Chief Security Officer (CSO) is concerned about the amount of PII that is stored locally on each salesperson’s laptop. The sales department has a higher-than-average rate of lost equipment. Which of the following recommendations would BEST address the CSO’s concern?


  1. Deploy an MDM solution.


  1. Implement managed FDE.


  1. Replace all hard drives with SEDs.


  1. Install DLP agents on each laptop.


Answer: B


Question #:3


An organization is developing an authentication service for use at the entry and exit ports of country borders. The service will use data feeds obtained from passport systems, passenger manifests, and high-definition video feeds from CCTV systems that are located at the ports. The service will incorporate machine-learning techniques to eliminate biometric enrollment processes while still allowing authorities to identify passengers with increasing accuracy over time. The more frequently passengers travel, the more accurately the service will identify them. Which of the following biometrics will MOST likely be used, without the need for enrollment? (Choose two.)


  1. Voice


  1. Gait


  1. Vein


  1. Facial


  1. Retina


  1. Fingerprint


Answer: B D


Question #:4


A host was infected with malware. During the incident response, Joe, a user, reported that he did not receive any emails with links, but he had been browsing the Internet all day. Which of the following would MOST likely show where the malware originated?


  1. The DNS logs


  1. The web server logs


  1. The SIP traffic logs


  1. The SNMP logs


Answer: A


Question #:5


An organization’s help desk is flooded with phone calls from users stating they can no longer access certain websites. The help desk escalates the issue to the security team, as these websites were accessible the previous day. The security analysts run the following command: ipconfig /flushdns, but the issue


persists. Finally, an analyst changes the DNS server for an impacted machine, and the issue goes away. Which


of the following attacks MOST likely occurred on the original DNS server?


  1. DNS cache poisoning


  1. Domain hijacking


  1. Distributed denial-of-service


  1. DNS tunneling


Answer: B


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